X-Ray Glass

(73 customer reviews)



73 reviews for X-Ray Glass

  1. Nadeem

    After wear awesome view
    I love this glass

  2. Sejal

    My favorite glass,
    Style with Owsom view

  3. Diljeet

    Banane vale ne Kya chiz banayi hai bhai

  4. Adnan khan

    Great glass and I love it

  5. Manoj

    Mst glass & view awesome

  6. Mehmood shaikh

    I love you guys for this best gadget

  7. Mr. Anna

    Pura hila dala Bhai
    Great item

  8. Amarjeet

    Bahot hi changa view hai bro

  9. Ibrahim

    One of The best glass

  10. Baarun khan

    bahot khub yarr, great item full paisa vasul

  11. Juber

    I daily use for mind fresh
    i love it yarr

  12. Vikram Nunwal

    This one great innovation

  13. Rishav Chauhan

    Bahot khub bhai kya glass hai
    style + view great

  14. Anmol yadav

    Kya glass nikala hai bhai mazza aa gaya

  15. Soumya singh

    I recommend this product. Good & proper packing. This is the best ever glass

  16. Yusuf Ayat

    Good quality and finishing…… Safe packing & awesome view

  17. Deepak more

    Definitely Not Value for Money because this glass view great

  18. Pravin gujjar

    This is the best glasses for the money I’m speding, arrived a day before and well packaged, I’m very satisfied with the seller

  19. Monica Chauhan

    Very nice View and comfortable product.

  20. Amit Solanki

    Exactly as described. Shipped quickly

  21. 𝑵𝒆𝒉𝒂 𝑺𝒐𝒏𝒗𝒂𝒏𝒔𝒉𝒊

    This is the first pair of X-Ray goggles I’ve ever bought that actually worked

  22. Atharva Virkar

    This is absolutely amazing

  23. Damini Baravkar

    Always a 5 stars product. I’m a repeat customer . I really like this glass

  24. Amit Kumar

    I wear these every day

  25. Tanmoy Sutradhar

    It is very nice. I liked it very much

  26. Gourab Saha🇮🇳

    view Quality is very good

  27. Ibrahim Zafar

    I really like this product because it’s quality is very good according to the price the frame and the lense is very durable and it really great

  28. Ahmad Raza Khan

    I give 5 stars to this product it is value for money

  29. Praveen Maloo

    I use this glass when i go outside at home and really I enjoyed within.

  30. Dharmendra Verma

    What a View guys
    i love it

  31. Parwar Smko

    I wear every day because i love to view

  32. Pranat Arora

    I love this glass because view is awesome

  33. Harshad Kanthe

    Thank you for provide in best price

  34. umesh soni

    kya glass nikale hai bhai
    maza aa gaya

  35. Abhishek Yadav

    product is very good quality .and value for money i purchased it for my Friend on his Birthday

  36. Shahid Masoom

    it is very much useful

  37. Ishant Chalotra

    it definitely is a quality product. 5/5

  38. Karan Devrukhkar

    really awesome value for money

  39. Suresh Mahiya

    It’s a Genuine product

  40. Sameer Mohd

    Aaj se har roj yeh glass pahenunga bahot maza aya bhai

  41. Bannu Bhäī

    Bhai-sahab banane vale ne kya chiz bana yi hai maza aa gaya

  42. Rajesh Keerthi

    i love you SNT for this best glass provide me

  43. Faruk

    Mst dikh raha hai sub

  44. Nilesh Rawat

    One of the best gadget for enjoyment 👌👌

  45. Mauri joshi

    One types of full enjoyment gadget

  46. Shadab Ahemad

    Sab kuch Dikhta hai bhaijaan maza aa gaya

  47. Nasim

    mast dikhta hai sub maza aa gaya

  48. Shubham saini

    Sab kuch dikhta hai bhai kya technology hai supperb

  49. Anuj Yadav

    Gajab Gajab yaar sab dikh ta hai

  50. Dinesh Parmar

    Thank you so much for this glass sab kuch dikhta hai

  51. Rutuj Raul

    Bohat hi badhiya kya chasma hai realy maza aa gaya

  52. Mohit Chauhan

    Really great sab dikta hai

  53. Utsav Jain

    Mai park me pehan ke jata hu har roj

  54. Dinesh Ranawat

    Sub Dikhta hai bhai full Paisa Vasul

  55. Mahaboob Basha

    Mai Har roj pehan kar nikalta hu bohat maza ata hai

  56. manjit pratap singh

    Dil khush ho gaya great glass ever

  57. Shailesh

    all good glass is awesome sach kaha bhai sab dikhta hai aur best part fast delivery great

  58. Aslam Khan

    Yeh glass pehan ke sab dikhta hai 😍😍

  59. Vicky Shinghaal

    this one is best

  60. Ramesh Rajpurohit

    kya chasma hai sab dikhta hai

  61. Sumit Rajput

    best and unique glass for all sab dikhta hai

  62. Saidul Alam

    Mai har roj pehan ta hu maza aa gaya

  63. Imraan

    Great technology

  64. Vir Sharma

    i like this glass

  65. सुरेश लुहार

    मैं यह चस्मा पहन कर हर रोज पार्क में जाता हु सब दिखता है बोहत मजा आता है

  66. Kaushik

    great technology boss full paisa vasul

  67. Mujib

    5 Star Rating to banta hai boss

  68. Jay Rathod

    yarr kya chiz banayi hai maza aa gaya

  69. Bhavesh Chauhan

    sach me yaar sab dikhta hai

  70. Pradeep Gupta

    Great technology everything i see.

  71. Ravish Singh

    Mai har roj ye chasma pehan kar hi bahar jata hu maja aa jata hai

  72. Yashwanth Mallela

    Bhai Maza aa gaya

  73. Rishabh Parmar

    bahot khub yarr, Kya Chasma laye ho sab dikhta hai

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