Solar Charger

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25 reviews for Solar Charger

  1. Rajesh

    I can carry it in my bag and take it anywhere

  2. tayyab khan

    Satisfied with the product performance and quality

  3. Kritika singh

    This is an excellent product. The last one I bought was years back and is still working fine. That is why I purchased this one. I put it on yesterday morning at 6 AM and this morning until 7 AM it was still on! More than 24 hours!

  4. Raj lohar

    My farm worker is very happy with the old light because it is dependable, runs for long time during power cut, and during those times, mobile can be charged.

  5. Shakeel Khan

    The solar light though expensive is very good if one needs mobile charger too. It comes with multiple adapters to suit every mobile.

  6. Vamshi Chowdary

    After this solar charger arrived, it worked as it is supposed too. It charged up to full charge as it’s advertised, in the sun

  7. Sourav Kumar

    I’ve been working on a survival bag. I researched many solar chargers and found this one to be the better choice. With extra fold out solar panels, it has a better chance of charging.

  8. 𝑲𝒓𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒌𝒂

    The light function is bright and easy yo use by pushing the button and holding the power button down

  9. Rashmi

    Spent 9 days at Clifftop (Appalachian Stringband Festival). Camping includes a piece of ground and wifi is up in the lodge near the fireplace (lol: no electric or water hook ups…period…plug into an outlet on the outside of a building and Floyd will confiscate your device until you eat a lot of crow). This solar charger kept me and a couple friends supplied with phone charges (there is phone service) for the entire festival without having to leave our phones plugged in at the “Charging Shack”. Works 100% better than my old single panel solar battery and it has two USB outlets

  10. Nivedita Mathi

    Great product. I used it when I went on my trip and this helped power my phone, & table. It also powered a laptop so we could watch a movie in the middle of a power outrage

  11. Rajashree Singh

    I received the power bank in 2 day. It is working nice.

  12. Remya Sreekumar

    Very Useful,specilly for people living outside of city

  13. K U S H I

    must Buy beacuse solar panel became a solid alternate solution when electric supply is unavilable

  14. zara

    Excellent product


    This is fantastic. Goes on and on and on for days

  16. Dalpat Kanwar

    Amazon basic products never let you down so does this car charger. This is my second time purchase for the same charger after I lost my previous one. Trust me, this is a truly Amazing product

  17. cute angel

    The quality of the product is good and it works very efficiently

  18. Rehman Khan

    Highly recommend product which you won’t regret buying

  19. Chethan Crotchet

    Much faster charging than anything else

  20. Jai Singh Rajput

    Value for the money

  21. Ravinderjeet Dhillon

    This is a very good product, charging it at a good rate.. same for battery packs

  22. Mandeep Hockey

    Took this solar charger on a two week kayaking trip and loved it


    Overall, I’m a very satisfied customer. I can honestly say I didn’t expect it to work as well in sub-optimal conditions as it does!

  24. tanishqa tomar

    this panel is extremely water resistant. Mine’s been outdoors in the snow and rain for about 9 months, and it’s still working great.

  25. Rini Das

    This solar charger works very well and i love it

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